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New Base Radio And Mobile For Researching Modification Ideas.

  Today June 1, I got in my new Galaxy DX 2547 and the DX 959 mobile radios to explore for new modification ideas in the modulation section.  The receiver section of the DX 2547 seems to work better with the Galaxy Noise Filter than I am accustomed to using it with the DX 959 from my past use of the 959.  Also the warehouse or rather it was Galaxy provided the Technical Service Manual and circuit diagram for the DX 2547 which is definitely something I want because I hate reading PDF files on the laptop.  However the PDF will come in handy with the circuit diagram in hand, so I can make the best of both of them.

  I was wanting to locate a cheap Bird wattmeter but decided to see what MFJ enterprises had to offer and found a true average and true peaking reading wattmeter there for $145.00 hence I decided that would work for my needs.  I no doubt will report on that sometime after I get it in here.

  Also I ordered the Dosy FC50-S frequency counter to use as a test instrument and I have to say it is nice, especially since it is capable of reading SSB with a 1 kHz tone it provides, thus it serves also as a 1 kHz tone generator of which I will make use of allot. 

  Tomorrow I have a new oscilloscope coming in here to use.  I am sort of updating everything as I go, getting ready for some new frontiers in radio.  Its been my life now for over half of my life and so this is the way I roll, as they say.

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