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New Modulation Kits

  Today we have two new circuit concepts to employ for improving modulation while ridding ourselves of the problem with modulating past the negative peak cutoff point.  The methods include a controlled carrier modulation circuit I have designed for Galaxy radios, as well as a circuit conceived of by…

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New Base Radio And Mobile For Researching Modification Ideas.

  Today June 1, I got in my new Galaxy DX 2547 and the DX 959 mobile radios to explore for new modification ideas in the modulation section.  The receiver section of the DX 2547 seems to work better with the Galaxy Noise Filter than I am accustomed to using it with the DX 959 from my past use of the…

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How We Got Into Broadcast Quality AM

  Back around 1998 while listening to some alternative free speech broadcasters on the shortwave bands, I heard about how people were using low powered AM and FM broadcasting to reach the people with alternative information, and most of their concerns then were for some conservative kinds of informa…

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