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  I convert Galaxy DX 2547 base and DX 959 mobile radios for Broadcast Quality AM (broadcast quality modulation) plus add the typical extras to these radio.

  This includes filtered receiver sections to lower noise and increase weak signal detection.

  Please note that I do not do CB repair work.

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dan's radio  dan's radio

    11 meter shortwave radio communications!

  Dan's Radio currently is abreast of three methods for use with Galaxy radios that provides a high level of modulation while controlling the clipping of negative modulation peaks, and two of those methods were innovated and developed by Dan.  The other is an innovation developed by John Bartal and David Dowler known as the Mauldulator. Those that were developed here by Dan are the True Controlled Carrier Circuit and the Pro Modulator which is a asymmetrical modulator based on a similar but different circuit than that of the Mauldulator with a harmonic filter to reduce the total harmonic distortion which is considerable when using any method for asymmetrical modulation.

  The True Controlled Carrier method uses a suppressed carrier who's carrier level is increased as the modulation increases which results in removal of the clipping of the negative peaks.  The Pro Modulator use the Direct Injection method (or can be used as the Mauldulator is to modulate the RF driver and final amplifier) to remove negative peak clipping by way of asymmetrical modulation where the amplitude of the negative peaks is reduced.

Galaxy DX 959

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